How to Craft a Healer in Pixelmon

Welcome to our guide on how to craft a in Pixelmon! As you embark on your journey the exciting world of Pokémon in Minecraft, having a reliable is essential for keeping your team in top shape. In blog post, we will walk you through the process of crafting a healer, discuss its, and provide tips on how to optimize your healing. So let’s dive in!


A healer in Pixelmon is a special that restores the health and status conditions of your Pokémon. It serves as a crucial tool for trainers to keep their team in optimal condition during battles and exploration.

Without a healer, you might find yourself at a disadvantage in challenging battles or lengthy quests, so it’s important to learn how to craft and effectively use one.

Crafting a Healer

To create a healing character, you will require the following components

  1. Aluminum Ingot x4
  2. Redstone x3
  3. Diamond x2
  4. Glass Pane x4

After collecting the necessary materials, proceed by following these instructions

  1. Open your crafting table
  2. Arrange the materials in the following pattern:



GLASS   |            | GLASS


Once you have placed the materials in the correct pattern, you will see a healer icon in the output slot.

Drag the healer into your inventory, and it’s ready to use!

Congratulations! You have successfully crafted a healer in Pixelmon. Now, let’s explore how to make the most of this essential tool in your Pokémon journey.

Using the Healer

The healer’s functionality is straightforward, but it’s important to know how to use it effectively. Here are some tips to optimize your healing experience:

Heal Your Pokémon

To heal your Pokémon using the healer, follow these steps:

Place the healer on the ground in a convenient location.

Right-click on the healer to open its interface.

Place the Pokémon you want to heal in the healer’s inventory slots.

Close the interface, and your Pokémon will start healing automatically.

Quick Healing Strategies

Save time and ensure your team is always ready for battle with these quick healing strategies:

Carry Extra Poké Balls: Instead of individually healing each Pokémon, carry extra Poké Balls to capture wild Pokémon. When your team is low on health, switch out your injured Pokémon and replace them with the captured Pokémon. This allows you to heal multiple Pokémon at once.

Plan Your Route: Before embarking on long journeys or challenging battles, plan your route to make use of Pokémon Centers and healers along the way. This way, you can heal your team efficiently without wasting healing items.

Enhancing Your Healing Experience

Make the most of your healer by exploring these additional features and tips:

Upgrading your Healer: In some Pixelmon servers or mods, you may have the option to upgrade your healer. Upgrading can increase the healing speed or allow you to heal more Pokémon at once. Check if there are any available upgrades to enhance your healing experience.

Healing Power Items: Some Pokémon can hold items, such as Leftovers, that gradually restore their health during battles. Equip your Pokémon with these healing power items to complement your healer’s healing capabilities.

Utilizing Healing Moves: Certain Pokémon have healing moves, such as Recover or Soft-Boiled. By incorporating Pokémon with healing moves into your team, you can supplement your healer and keep your team healthy during battles.


Crafting a healer in Pixelmon is a vital step for any aspiring Pokémon trainer. It ensures that your team remains in top condition and ready to take on any challenge. Remember to gather the necessary materials, craft your healer, and explore various strategies for optimizing your healing experience.

With your newfound knowledge, you’re now equipped to keep your Pokémon healthy and ready for thrilling adventures in the world of Pixelmon. Happy healing, and may your Pokémon journey be filled with success and excitement!

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