10 Fun And Easy Terrarium Projects

Beautiful plants inside the glasses would give closer to nature once you use them for decoration. Go green and try this idea.

The whole forest inside the glass looks so much stunning. It is easy to create at home with no hassle.

Simply, spectacular creation. The cup is full of pebbles and decorated with artificial plants, fences, bench and a mini cup of tea placed over it.

The glass container has the first layer of sand, the second layer of stones and then beautiful plants. It is looking extraordinarily incredible.

This square glass box has a lot inside that make it worth decorating. You can also make it at home easily.

The trees, hill, plants and a wonder statue are all present in this small glass jar. This is simple majestic creation.

The art inside glass take you to the other world as it looks quite beautiful. This is another piece of art that remind us about the Stone Age.

These small round glass jars are decorated with the flowers from inside. This is another incredible idea of making home decors.

Some sand, grown grass and flowers are giving breathtaking view from inside of this glass jar. Everyone can try making it.