Top 10 Ideas How To Make A DIY Shoe Rack

Top 10 Ideas How To Make A DIY Shoe Rack

Shoe rack of this kind is ideal to store at least 50 pairs of shoes with no hassle. If you’ve large number of shoe pairs, this can be prefect shoe rack design for you.

The simple and traditional way of hanging shoe in the hooks. This is the good way but it’s better to do this inside the racks or cupboards.

This small and beautiful shoe rack looks quite solid and durable. It also gives another good idea of creating the best shoe racks.

This is quite inventive type of shoe rack that looks trendy as well. Steal this idea if your shoe rack reminds you of early 90s era.

Too simple and not quite appealing shoe racks. These three racks can becomes more attractive if get painted.

These are three simple trash bins that are being used as shoe racks. The storage boxes are fixed inside the wooden rack.

The shelves and way of arranging the pairs of shoes is looking quite organized. You can choose this idea if you’ve plenty of shoe pairs.

This is the vertical shaped shoe rack set of shelves. Every shelf is sloppy and looking best for storing the shoes.

The use of bricks and wood have made the perfect shoe rack to store many pairs at once. It looks awesome.

Top shelf is for placing décors and other two are sufficient for keeping the shoes. Is this a great idea?