10 Ways To Make Your Own Platform Bed (with Storage!)

10 Ways To Make Your Own Platform Bed (with Storage!)

Platform beds are trendier these days. This is the versatile design of a platform bed you can use for your next bed.

This seems a very useful platform of bed that is used for storing a lot of stuff inside the net baskets. You would also love to have this bed.

The floor touching beds with the attached shelves in the bottom are higher in demand these days. This is another best idea for you.

I really liked the design of this platform bed. You should definitely consider this design for an ideal look of your bedroom.

Simply, awe-inspiring platform of bed lit up with the fixed lamps inside. No doubt about the outclass creativity of its design.

Are you confused about the platform’s design of your bed? This is the suggested option if you don’t like the storage sections under the bed.

Elegant style with the simplicity can be clearly seen in this platform bed. These beds are becoming highly popular among people these days.

Platform bed is under construction but it isn’t touching the floor. If you don’t like the beds highly closer to floors, this can be the recommended design for you.

Multiple drawers have been built under the area of platform bed. This will be covered with the wood sheet in next stage.

The bed, sitting area and shelves under it. Three in one benefits that you’ll definitely want to try for your child’s room.