10 DIY Kitchen Islands To Really Maximize Your Space

This is an ideal section for pre-preparations of cooking. The kitchen island is looking quite convenient and useful.

This kitchen table with the two inner sections is the central part which can be used for many purposes. This is really useful indeed.

Three-story table can be used for preparing meals before cooking and placing the utensils as well. You must try this in your kitchen.

This old DIY kitchen table can be utilized in a perfect way in the center. You can perform many kitchen tasks on this table.

Simple, small but useful table that can be used in the center of kitchen. This looks quite useful and best thing to include in the kitchen.

The shown center table of kitchen can also be used as dining table. The two shelves are also quite useful attached to this table.

The center table with attached cupboard seems to be quite useful for the kitchen use. Place many utensils inside and sit on the stool to dine-in there as well.

Seems a bit traditional style table but is quite useful without any doubt. The table has a lot of width and broad sections for storing things.

Trendy and well-designed center table of the kitchen is shown in this image. This multi-purpose table is superb due to many reasons.

Another beautiful table for placing in the kitchen’s center. The design and color of this center table is perfect.