Impressive DIY Hanging Shelves

Impressive DIY Hanging Shelves

Don’t throw your old drawer in the trash and use it in this way. The old drawers can be easily transformed into this wall hanging shelf.

The long shelf is attached with the ropes and hanged on the wall. Now, it’s upon you whether to store your stuff or place decoration things on it.

This new style shelf has been hanged with the two solid straps. It is looking quite great and useful for sure.

The four shelves in a row are based to decorate and storing the different stuff. The wall is looking superb from top to the bottom.

These shelves are connected with the ropes and seems best for storing a lot of your stuff. This is quite easy to create at home as well.

The wood planks are hanged with the hook. Make sure that you fix the hook properly with the wall.

Two simple white shelves hanged with the black string. The combination of black and white color in this image is looking superb.

The corner shelves always grab attention of people. This is another best way of creating the shelves for your living room.

This wood plank has got a perfect use for storing a lot of stuff beside your bed. It is a good replacement of your bedside rack.

The image shows the way of fixing shelves with the wall. These kind of solid ropes are best to keep the shelves intact.